The images I paint are metaphors for the adventure, battle, and beauty of life. Hopefully my art will intrigue, inspire, or connect with the viewer and their own story.
As a painter, I'm striving to hint at the mystery, complexity and beauty of life and human relationships with hopefully, a clever, subtle and coy viewpoint. I tend to paint attractive women and let much of the narrative that undergirds my paintings happen off the canvas. The term, Narrative Reaiism, is helpful in explaining my approach.

Lawrence McAdams was born in Southern California and lives in Newport Beach. When he isn’t painting, he is president of McAdams Group, a Branding, Marketing & Advertising- Web & Print Communication firm.
B.A. in Art from California State University, Long Beach

- California State University, Long Beach, 1981-1982
- Graphic Design Students included:
R. Kenton Nelson

Collectors include
- David and Sharon Agnor
- Jeff and Diana Brown
- Brian and Leslie Casserly
- Greg and Cindy Dillion, Newmeyer & Dillion
- Bob Hurley, Hurley International
- Bryan and Freya Kennedy
- Michael & Linda Keston
- Jim and Terri Lawson
- Thomas Meredith, Former CFO Dell Computers
- Geoff and Lucie Moore
- Paul and Kathy Neff
- Rick and Sheri Stinehart
- Brian and Lisa Watson